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sloppy option

2003-11-21  Matti Aarnio  <mea@zmailer.org>

        * man/smtpserver.8.in, smtpserver/smtpserver.c,
          smtpserver/smtpauth.c, smtpserver/smtpcmds.c,
            Created "-s sloppy" runtime option to turn
            on fully sloppy behaviour with no expection
            to get HELO greeting, nor "<"/">" pair in
            email addresses.

Is this sloppy or not?
MAIL FROM: <user@domain.org>

If not:
UP3OAPU0000r    MAIL FROM: <user@domain.org>
UP3OAPU0000w    501 5.1.7 strangeness between ':' and '<':  <user@domain.org>

This will be ok:
MAIL FROM:<user@domain.org>

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