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Re: smtp ta problem - still there (was Re: smtp ta problem? (was: Re: hotmail problem... again :-( ))

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 11:45:08AM -0300, Mariano Absatz wrote:
> Matti,
> as I told you a few days ago, the message _was_ a "failure" message (with 
> status 2.0.0) and it kept appearing over and over (with mails geared 
> mainly towards hotmail, but that is because there are so many of them 
> _and_ hotmail's smtp service is awful, unexpectedly hunging up more often 
> than not).

Yes, I am reading the reports, and trying to understand the failure 
mechanism, but sometimes things aren't that easy to comprehend..

It does look to me that sometimes there is too much idleness in between
previous message end, and current start, and hotmail closes the 
connection.  Then a new MAIL FROM is issued, and it fails, but now
connection restart is processed falsely..

I have used a rule that when things get complicated enough for me not
to understand them (needing more than a large cup of strong tea),
I do beging to rewrite things.

The trouble is real, but were and why it happens...

> I finally solved the problem taking the smtp ta binary from an older 
> release (2.99.56-pre4, form Februrary 15, 2003 CVS), so probably the bug 
> slipped in sometime between Feb-15 and Sep-03.

Ah, thanks for this clue.  Maybe I can find it now.
(Even though the haystack is large..)

> However a 
> cvs diff -u -D 2003-02-15 transports/smtp/smtp.c
> or a
> cvs diff -u -D 2003-02-15 -D 2003-09-03 transports/smtp/smtp.c
> for that matter, is over 2.000 lines and far beyond my comprehension...
> Mariano Absatz
> El Baby
/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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