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Re: local delivery - localdoesdomain?

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> > z# router '"someone@else"@localhost'
> > <aperel.interactive@eris.datamodel.ca>: address: "someone@else"@localhost
> > (((smtp else someone@else default_attributes)))
> > 
> > Any suggestions?
>   Just by a change, does your   $MAILVAR/db/localnames  database contain
>   the "localhost"  name ?
>   If not, then it is because "localhost" isn't recognized as locally served
>   domain, with which the local user routing will then happen thru the
>   aliases.cf  file.  Otherwise that script isn't called at all.

$MAILVAR/db/localnames does indeed contain "localhost", as well it should.

> > Would rtrace output help?
>   Possibly.  But send it only to me, not to the entire list.
>   (Those are prone to be largeish...)

Of course.

I'll send a separate email.


Alex Perel

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