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Re: Content filtering

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 15:26, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> An alternate would be, IMO, to run a small program (possibly
> integrated function), that contacts steadily running
> scanner server(s), and informs it, something like:
> 	SCAN /full/path/to/spool/123-456
> which then does the work, and returns some state:
> 	200 fine, handled
> 	400 I feel ill...
> 	500 can't access the file

I'd suggest to generalize contentfilter interface to allow either
spawn a program (like now) *or* connect to a named unix domain socket. 
Dialogue protocol may (should) be the same in both cases.

Unix domain socket rather than tcp because the data is always a local
file name, so it's impossible to run the program on another host
anyway.  If you need to run the scanner on another program then the
local contentfilter may serve as a proxy.

Running external scanners may still be problematic because they are not
aware of the Zmailer queued message format...


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