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Re: Msgbuffer write IO-error problem

On Fri, Oct 18, 2002 at 02:09:08PM +0200, Florus Both wrote:
> Hi again,
> I tried to check the mail archives and found a reference to my problem back
> in 2000, but alas no solution to it!

  Maybe I have forgotten/missed the issue ..

  The IO-error in question is  EAGAIN,  which does happen in
  non-blocking sockets, when the write is attempted into
  a socket which is full..

> I get the following in the mailq:
>         O/593360-30408: (7 tries, expires in 3h35m2s) smtp; 500 (msgbuffer
> write IO-error[1]! [Resource temporarily unavailable] DATA 63111/110278
> [57%])
>         C/602474-8578: (7 tries, expires in 1d20h) 500 (msgbuffer write
> IO-error[2]! [Resource temporarily unavailable] DATA 62584/94316 [66%])
>         G/598578-30408: (7 tries, expires in 1d4h) smtp; 500 (msgbuffer
> write IO-error[1]! [Resource temporarily unavailable] DATA 62942/82355
> [76%])
> (these are to different recipients in different domains)
> One of the problems is that recipients do get the mails, several times even,
> but zmailer keeps on thinking it didn't deliver them correctly, and tries to
> keep on sending them.
> Any suggestions what might be wrong?

  I did encounter once a firewall at the remote end, which somehow
  didn't let thru the reply in the end of data-dot phase.
  (I think it was that, but I am not quite sure..)

  I have also seen "firewalls", which actually try to throw
  a spanner into the works of TCP flows.  Depending on many
  timing things, the spanner might actually come in and effectively
  break the network flow.  The actual remote server will also
  send a reply, and if the network/timing rearranges the packets
  suitably, the spanner does not have effect..

  Having a network level dump of the TCP traffic in between
  your machine, and the remote(s) would show, what has happened
  at that level.

  There has possibly been also some related problems in
    transports/smtp/smtptls.c:smtp_sfwrite()  routine,
  although I can't say that for sure..

  You are not saying what version you are using ?
  That would narrow down the possible 

> Thanks,
> Florus

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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