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Msgbuffer write IO-error problem

Hi again,

I tried to check the mail archives and found a reference to my problem back
in 2000, but alas no solution to it!

I get the following in the mailq:

        O/593360-30408: (7 tries, expires in 3h35m2s) smtp; 500 (msgbuffer
write IO-error[1]! [Resource temporarily unavailable] DATA 63111/110278
        C/602474-8578: (7 tries, expires in 1d20h) 500 (msgbuffer write
IO-error[2]! [Resource temporarily unavailable] DATA 62584/94316 [66%])
        G/598578-30408: (7 tries, expires in 1d4h) smtp; 500 (msgbuffer
write IO-error[1]! [Resource temporarily unavailable] DATA 62942/82355

(these are to different recipients in different domains)

One of the problems is that recipients do get the mails, several times even,
but zmailer keeps on thinking it didn't deliver them correctly, and tries to
keep on sending them.

Any suggestions what might be wrong?


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