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Re: ZMailer "hangs up" on message queues...

Eugene Crosser <crosser@online.ru>
> OTOH, 40 messages/sec cannot be useful ;-)

Not? I've done my very best to deliver lots of messages in a very short
time once. The task was "deliver these four messages to these 7800 people,
at these four times, as precisely as possible".

7800*4 isn't a lot of mail. But delivering 7800 messages between 12:00
and 12:05 is a challenge :)

I used multiple Zmailers with primed DNS caches and prerouted messages.

> Suggesting that the you are building a spamming engine, you should not
> care too much if you loose a few million spam messages...  In such case
> ramdisk may be a good solution.

There are better ways to build spam engines than using zmailer.

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