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Re: ZMailer "hangs up" on message queues...

Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
>    A hard limit for system performance comes from the speed of
> Directory Operations (rename, link, unlink, open) that your system can handle.
> Most UNIX filesystems have limitations due to synchronous nature of the
> updates of the directory metadata.  Say:  5 ms for disk read/write, read+write
> for  anything that modifies the directory (or two reads+writes), plus what
> datafile gets committed.
> Faster performances are available at filesystems using journaling/logging.

Or from those funky solid state disk things. As I understand it, a box of
battery-backed RAM that speaks SCSI. Since mail spools tend to be small
(in the context of today's disk sizes), such a disk might not be too

Testing with a ramdisk should indicate roughly what an SSD will do. But I
wouldn't want to use a ramdisk for production.

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