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Re: ZMailer "hangs up" on message queues...

Michael Loftis <mike@activemessage.com>
> We have ferreted out the quirkiness as it were, the filenames do have to
> be numeric, the problem is we don't want to slow down to retrieve the
> inode number for every file we inject into the queue, as this would
> require a (Totally unecessary) stat (or fstat) call.

The stat() isn't unnecessary.  It is the way to get a unique name.

The smtpserver and /usr/sbin/sendmail will use the inode number as file
name. If you want to be sure not to conflict with them, you need to use
the inode number too.

>  Complicating
> matters slightly further is the fact we're using Perl as the engine.

Yeah. I use code like this:

    $inode = (stat($submit))[1];
    rename( $submit, "$zmconf{'POSTOFFICE'}/router/$inode" );

> And actually you have to get the inode number, then convert it to ASCII
> (OK so itoa isn't that expensive, but still...)

Compared to the work Zmailer will do to _process_ the message, a stat(), a
rename() and a few cycles of userspace code is nothing.

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