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Re: bugs and questions

On Mon, Apr 23, 2001 at 12:15:20PM +0200, XosÉ Vázquez wrote:
> hi all,
> - how can I to make that the ./configure don't get 
>   the options from /etc/zmailer/zmailer.conf when this file exist ?

   I introduced easier way to do it, than the old one:


   The  ./configure  which supports it is now in the CVS.

> - I need a _good_ pop3 server. 
> - In the first install, must be run post-install with -OLDSTYLE or 
>   with -MD5, and why ?


	Because all the world does not have e.g. RPM-like systems
	tracking installed files, I had to cook up some way to do
	tracking of configuration files, and if they get modified
	by the user at some point.  "post-install -MD5" will do
	the final file installations into proper places, and create
	those MD5 checksum files.

	Of course running post-install in e.g. preparation for RPM
	package is semi-insane, and perhaps a better place is really
	to do that in RPM post-installation phase.

> - how work /etc/zmailer/db/kill-headers ?

	"proto/db/kill-headers" has some examples.

	The router will remove headers which names match to given
	string -- return-path  as an example.

	One might consider that it isn't nice to kill some of those
	headers, unless your local MTA acts as submission receiver,
	but detecting that is a bit difficult...
	(As opposed to "mere SMTP relay" along the MX path.)

> - bugs in Zmailer-2.99.55 :
>  --includedir= in configure don't work

	Hmm..  Don't know how/why, have to check.
	You mean for <zmailer.h> file ?

>  /etc/mail.conf is not the valid PATH, now /etc/zmailer/mail.conf is the
> good


>  make -j x, it is like linux kernel ;-)

	Not really.  Sometimes the system runs compilation of
	the same file multiple times in parallel -- "make -j 32",
	or some such obscene..

>  at smtpserver.conf PARAM max-error-recipient don't work

	?   Oh.   max-error-recipients  -- a typo ?

> - is it posible run zmailer like other user than root? 

	No.  But Z isn't using any suid-root programs, its
	servers just must be started as root.

> thanks

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>