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Re: bugs and questions

On 24-Apr-01 at 19:47, Mariano Absatz (lzmailer@pert.com.ar) wrote:

> > - I need a _good_ pop3 server. 
> >  wu and qpopper, no thanks and cucipop si not free.
> >  which, solid-pop3d  http://solidpop3d.pld.org.pl ,
> We have been using solidpop3d for about half a year now without a 
> problem... alas it's a small installation so it didn't have much of real 
> life test... anyway, it never went down... we also patched it to use 
> whoson and it works ok.

Can you send me the patches please?  I'll put them on ftp with whoson

BTW we are using UW imap/pop on a not-so-small system and it works fine...