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bugs and questions

hi all,

- how can I to make that the ./configure don't get 
  the options from /etc/zmailer/zmailer.conf when this file exist ?

- I need a _good_ pop3 server. 
 wu and qpopper, no thanks and cucipop si not free.
 which, solid-pop3d  http://solidpop3d.pld.org.pl ,
 or gnu-pop3d  http://www.nodomainname.net/software/mailutils ,
 or popular http://www.remote.org/jochen/mail/popular ?

- In the first install, must be run post-install with -OLDSTYLE or 
  with -MD5, and why ?

- how work /etc/zmailer/db/kill-headers ?

- bugs in Zmailer-2.99.55 :
 --includedir= in configure don't work
 /etc/mail.conf is not the valid PATH, now /etc/zmailer/mail.conf is the
 make -j x, it is like linux kernel ;-)
 at smtpserver.conf PARAM max-error-recipient don't work

- is it posible run zmailer like other user than root?