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Re: mails between zmailer in the same networking

Domain not exists in public DNS, but it exists in internal DNS. My
problem is to send mails without domain too, only with the IP or an
entry in the hosts file. 

You can read that I send a mail to nf2 and the mail arrive to nf1. I
don't understand.


nf1:/var/named/pz # more /etc/hosts|grep nf2   nf2.universalsupport.com        nf2
nf1:/var/named/pz # mail -v rozio@nf2
Subject: kas melon
kas melon
nf1:/var/named/pz # router processed message 252536-32454
l <20010417154437Z252536-32454+33@nf1.universalsupport.com>
e root <root>
e root@universalsupport.com
s local root root@universalsupport.com 2
r           local rozio@nf2 rozio@nf2.universalsupport.com 99
N ORCPT=rfc822;rozio@nf2
headers rewritten using 'internet' function:
Received: (root@nf1.universalsupport.com) by nf1.universalsupport.com
        id <S252536AbRDQPog>; Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:44:36 +0200
From:   root <root@universalsupport.com>
To:     rozio@nf2.universalsupport.com
Subject: kas melon
Message-Id: <20010417154437Z252536-32454+33@nf1.universalsupport.com>
Date:   Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:44:36 +0200

router done processing 252536-32454
scheduler processing 252536-32454
Feeding to child; ce.argv = "'mailbox' '-8'" chan = 'local' cmd:
Y/252536-32454 rozio@nf2
mailbox: local/rozio@nf2 rozio@nf2.universalsupport.com 99
 ismbox=1 file='/var/spool/mail/rozio' usernam='rozio'
To open a file with euid=502 egid=12 ismbox=1
Locking sequence: '.L:L'
 mbox_sfwrite(ptr, len=450) rc=450 errno=0
 mbox_sfwrite(ptr, len=10) rc=10 errno=0
 end of putmail(file='/var/spool/mail/rozio'), topipe=0
 .. EOF read did yield 2 bytes
 mbox_sfwrite(ptr, len=1) rc=1 errno=0
 .. wrote 1 newlines to the end
scheduler done processing 252536-32454

Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi,
> Rocio Alfonso Pita:
> > PQzc00413r      MAIL From:<root@rs43p.maquinas.us> SIZE=52
> > the policy analysis reports DNS error with your source domain.
> > I don't know what is my error, can you help me? Thanks in advantage.
> >
> Did you even think of checking whether this domain exists ???
> (Because it doesn't. Not in the public DNS, at least, which is the only
> thing that matters for this test.)
> --
> Matthias Urlichs     |     noris network AG     |     http://smurf.noris.de/