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mails between zmailer in the same networking


I have a problem when I'm trying to send mails between machines with
zmailer (source, target or both). I have the problem too if I put the IP
of the machine, a domain of my internal DNS or an aliases of my hosts
file. For example, if I want to send a email from a machine with
sendmail in the same networking, the error that reports to me is the

PQzc00413#      connection from rs43p ipcnt 1 childs 1 ident:
PQzc00413w      220 ESMTP+IDENT mail server ready.
PQzc00413#      remote from []:26498
PQzc00413r      EHLO rs43p.maquinas.us
PQzc00413w      250-nf1.universalsupport.com expected "EHLO rs43p"
PQzc00413w      250-SIZE 10000000
PQzc00413w      250-8BITMIME
PQzc00413w      250-PIPELINING
PQzc00413w      250-CHUNKING
PQzc00413w      250-DSN
PQzc00413w      250-X-RCPTLIMIT 10000
PQzc00413w      250-AUTH=LOGIN
PQzc00413w      250-AUTH LOGIN
PQzc00413w      250-ETRN
PQzc00413w      250 HELP
PQzc00413r      MAIL From:<root@rs43p.maquinas.us> SIZE=52
PQzc00413#      -- policy result=-2, msg: <NONE!>
PQzc00413w      553 5.4.3 For MAIL FROM address <root@rs43p.maquinas.us>
the policy analysis reports DNS error with your source domain.
PQzc00413r      QUIT
PQzc00413w      221 2.0.0 nf1.universalsupport.com Out

I don't know what is my error, can you help me? Thanks in advantage.