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help... ZMailer 2.99.54's scheduler is still dying

The problem is still in 2.99.54; the scheduler just dies after a while.

I wonder why it only started happening this evening (after I left work
to be exact). I guess I'm going back to 2.99.50s11.

# cat -v /var/log/scheduler
[stuff deleted]
scheduler: scheduler daemon (2.99.54 #1: Fri Sep 29 23:31:04 EDT 2000)
        pid 31892 started at Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:30:01 -0400

Synchronous startup completed, messages: 2 (-1 skipped) recipients: 2
scheduler: unlink(../queue/M-Ho^Z)[sch-unctl-2]: No such file or directory
scheduler: unlink(../queue/PM->^G^HM-Ho^Z)[sch-unctl-2]: No such file or directory
scheduler: unlink(../queue/85742-31`)[sch-unctl-2]: No such file or directory

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