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Cannot open message file

Here goes another case:

967107736 293228-15271 241 107 ok3 smtp/actor.ru
967107736 293228-15271 241 148 error smtp/neva.spb.ru
967107736 293228-15271 241 150 ok3 smtp/neva.spb.ru
[... lots of similar deliveries ...]
967107736 293228-15271 241 480 ok3 smtp/ivc.spb.ru
967107736 293228-15271 241 2885 error smtp/iname.com
20000824135422 DBGdiag: # smtpclient:23834: Cannot open message file
"../queue/A/293228-15271"! (errno=2)
Resyncing file "A/293228-15271" (ino=293228 pid=23834 of=2 ho='iname.com')
scheduler: stat(../queue/A/293228-15271): No such file or directory
scheduler: cannot find control file for 293228!

BTW Matti, do delivery agents ever fiddle with the queue/transport files?
I mean, could they try to delete files sometimes?

After scheduler restart, there is usually a bunch of missing files, can
it be related to my problem somehow?