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Re: selecting a new mail server

In message <20000823175049.F1060@cs.ualberta.ca>you write:
>There is an opportunity to upgrade our mail machine
>which is currently a Sun SS5/170 running SunOS4.1.4
>running Zmailer 2.99.51.
>A couple of alternatives are Sun/Solaris or PC/Linux
>setups. I suspect either would work fine.


>Mail is picked up by NFS,  with an increasing use of
>pop and imap servers. Daily traffic is a few 10s of
>thousands of messages comprising a very few 100s of
>MB of filespace.  

There are no major differences re: zmailer, as far as I know, but Linux NFS
is dreadful.   Use Solaris or one of the BSDs.


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