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Cannot open message file

These are three consequtive lines in scheduler log

967107655 293040-15275 12 84 error local/ngo@online.ru
scheduler: unlink(../queue/U/)[sch-unctl-2]: No such file or directory
20000824130231 DBGdiag: # mailbox:15220: Cannot open message file
"../queue/U/293040-15275"! (errno=2)

note that first line mentions the same file name as the last
Also note that scheduler is trying to unlink directory, not file.

Does it look like the file name gets garbled sometimes, and possibly
scheduler sometimes erase wrong file, that it should not have touched.
Then, when it needs the file, it is already missing?

Possibly the same memory buffer is sometimes used for some other purpose
and that's why data gets overwritten?