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Re: scheduler died

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 12:30:53PM +0400, Alexey Gadzhiev wrote:

>   Hello,
>    Scheduler silently died after my mailer (invoked via sm) exited with error.
>    Here are last records in scheduler log before stopping:
> 20000620203043 sm: 817651/176//error2 mailer: no such user[exit status 67/67 (addressee unknown)]
> action='failed5.'
> 20000620203454 sm: 817855/173//error2 mailer: mailbox size exceeded.[exit status 69/69 (service unavailable)]
> action='failed5.'
> scheduler: unlink(../queue/Z/h
>                                m@4986): No such file or directory   
> Seems we have  corrupted memory after reading from transport agent in
> scheduler...

I've recently found another another scenario in which the scheduler may die.
Syslogd was for some weirdo reason writing to /dev/console which because
it is a serial interface was blocking over a long time, therefore
all processes which were trying to log something to syslogd via /dev/log
were also blocking after that socket had filled up.  The machine stayed
in this state for several hours until I was able to get to the serial
console which made the system recover.  This scenario happend several times;
each time when the machine was in this state for a longer time which
probably means a some minutes or so the scheduler died.

This was zmailer 2.99.51 running on Redhat 6.1.  Sorry, no core files
available and syslogd's records are obviously not helpful in this