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smtpserver pid file weirdness

Hi there,

plain zmailer-2.99.53pre1, smtpserver creates the .smtpserver.pid file
as long as I don't enable one or both of

PARAM BindPort                    25    # Binding port
PARAM BindAddress     []    # Binding address - for multihomers..

in smtpserver.conf. smtpserver then only binds to that Address and semms to 
work as expected, just that it doesn't create a pid file. Giving the -I 
option also doesn't help. Commenting out these options gives me the pid
file again.

I found some older mail (Jan?) in the Archive that says that 
zmailer kill smtpserver stopped working. This could be part of the problem
described there since zmailer kill won't kill the smtpserver without a pid