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Re: router busylooping

No busyloops since last cvs update (14:12 +0300).  Apparently the
problem is fixed.

On 18-Apr-00 at 14:30, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > [LWPs] still are!  I can only wonder why?!  The information I just
> > posted was filtered out off multiple LWPs (three per process).
> > The most "realistic" of them has a pointer into db() function on
> > the top.  The thing happend 25 times in ~15 hours.
>      I guess those are Solaris 7 things, although I don't know why
>      all programs should have LWP stuff running, but if that is the
>      Solaris way...

Maybe some Solaris libc functions create them and leave running?
Say, gethostbyname or somesuch...  Does not matter now...