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Re: Zmailer relaying problem ...

unfortunately almost all users are connected by dynamic IP, so it will be
problematic to precise IP source connection.
I thought previously about whoson, but in that case it will be helpless as
well I know (but i could be wrong)
Thanks for quick response

                                                  Henryk Czapski

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On Wed, 5 Apr 2000 tron@huapi.ba.ar wrote:

:-=>Sounds like a "whoson" app.
:-=>Take a look an ~zmailer/contrib/whoson* and .../doc/guides/smtp-policy
:-=>You modify the popper to tell the whoson server that somebody has 
:-=>autenticated in a given IP. Then the whoson server autorizes this IP
:-=>for a short time window. This may be checked by the smtp policy.