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Re: Enable and disable mailing list

Tere is a good one as well :

Eugene Crosser wrote:

> On 04-Apr-00 at 22:12, Grace He (ghe@scs.Ryerson.CA) wrote:
> > We have mailing lists for users, and the lists are in directory
> > $MAILSHARE/lists, for example all faculty members are in
> > $MAILSHARE/lists/fac, where "fac" is a file contains all faculty
> > memebers' login name.  The permission on $MAILSHARE/lists/fac is 640,
> > owned by "root", group "other".  The problem is that we only want this
> > $MAILSHARE/lists/fac mailing list to be used by our faculty members,
> > not by all users (i.e. the students, and guests).  Right now anyone can
> > send a mail the mailing list fac.  So is there a way the restrict the
> > access to $MAILSHARE/lists/fac.
> The thing that you need is called "list processor", they are usually
> separate programs interacting with MTA through pipe-type aliases.
> The most popular one is called "Majordomo", my favourite is "SmartList"
> (http://www.procmail.org/).
> Eugene