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Re: Zmailer relaying problem ...

Perhaps you could use the smtpserver 'freezer' feature, where rejected
mail is put in postoffice/freezer instead of rejected via SMTP, and
hack the whoson code to scan for recently frozen messages from that
address, and move those into postoffice/router?

So, when someone sends mail it might go like this:

	1. SMTP connection is opened.
	2. Message is transferred, but the smtpserver puts it in
	   postoffice/freezer since no SSL or whoson has happened.
	3. A POP connection is opened, maybe a minute or an hour later
	4. The popd says 'oh, asdf@sdf is now logged in via POP' and
	   looks for new messages from asdf@asdf in postoffice/freezer
	4. The whoson code moves the message from postoffice/freezer
	   to postoffice/router
	5. The message is sent in the usual way, just delayed

You'll also need something to bounce messages when they've been in
postoffice/freezer for too long.