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Re: No A, no MX... but still retrying.


> Subject:        Re: No A, no MX... but still retrying.
> Date sent:      Mon, 21 Feb 2000 17:04:17 GMT
> From:           <news-misc@mingpaoxpress.com>

> >In my opinion, "yelding permanent on temporary" is not much worse 
> >than vice-versa. In the present case, the sender knows NOTHING about 
> >his/her mistake for 2 (you offer 3) days. If [false] permanent error 
> >happens, the sender will be able to fight. Either to check (and 
> >correct) address or to yeld postmaster about previously working 
> >address failure :-). So, the task is a liitle bit more simple.
> My opinion is same as Matti's on this issue.

Well. In practice, "it depends". As to me, I steer corporative 
mail system; in this case, silently hanging [business] mail for 2..3 
days because of sender mistyping is not acceptable. So, it is me who 
must  check mailq and make manual actions.

But THIS case (no A, no MX) seems to be more definite. If we have no 
any DNS reply at all - yes, we have to retry. But as soon as we have 
NO_DATA reply, we may stop immediately. The address is definitely 

> No, the sender wouldn't be able to fight. Today's senders usually don't
> know anything about email;

If they use e-mail for business... they have to know at least 
something :-).