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Re: No A, no MX... but still retrying.

In article <20000221162704.EF76419806@cpr.spb.ru>,
>In my opinion, "yelding permanent on temporary" is not much worse 
>than vice-versa. In the present case, the sender knows NOTHING about 
>his/her mistake for 2 (you offer 3) days. If [false] permanent error 
>happens, the sender will be able to fight. Either to check (and 
>correct) address or to yeld postmaster about previously working 
>address failure :-). So, the task is a liitle bit more simple.

My opinion is same as Matti's on this issue. I have had the "privilege"
of being burnt by this. (I was in a domain which which yielded temporary
"No MX, No address".) You probably will disagree with me and Matti,
unless you are personally burnt by this and cannot send mail for a
long weekend or longer.

No, the sender wouldn't be able to fight. Today's senders usually don't
know anything about email; they can't even distinguish between warnings
and errors. If the sender is from the domain with the problem and knows
about email, the destination sysadmin may be reluctant to change his/her
sendmail settings. (Yes, I did fight, with no success.)

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