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Re: Spam problem

James MacKinnon wrote:

> On 26 Jan 2000, Edgardo Szulsztein wrote:
> > We rejected well 10 spam mails, but failed in accepting a mail with the
> destination:
> >
> > RCPT TO:<"relaytest@abuse.net"@[]>

I've put in file cf/rrouter.cf folowing sequence:

rrouter (address, origaddr, A, plustail, domain) {
# "Spoofed local domain"        <sender@[x.x.x.x]>
        tsift "$origaddr" in
        # "dotted quad spoof"
                return (((error bounce "$origaddr" $A))) ;;

# end of our no relay filter
Unfortunately above setting doesn't work on my gateway (A.B.C.D is IP of my mail
gateway) - mail addressed to: <"anybody@anywhere.com"@[A.B.C.D]> goes with no
problem to the recipient

Should I turn on something else?

I have zmailer 2.99.52-patch1 on solaris7/x86

Any help will be appreciated.