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Re: Spam problem

On 26 Jan 2000, Edgardo Szulsztein wrote:

> Hi
> We have zmailer 2.99.51, with antispam rules. However, we can't send mail to
> several domains (they reject us), due to the inclusion of our domain in a "RSS
> list". We have received a report from www.abuse.net, where they show the
> antispam checks that they have done against our mail server. We rejected well
> 10 spam mails, but failed in accepting a mail with the destination: 
> RCPT TO:<"relaytest@abuse.net"@[]>
> How can we solve it? Do I have to reject addresses with more than one "@"? How
> could I do it?

Perhaps this should go in the ZMailer FAQ :-)

Your problem appears to be a case of a "spoofed local domain"
(where a dotted quad is used and the 'sender' is an embedded redirect)

This is what I've set up in cf/rrouter.cf, and it works for me:
(just below the rrouter initial routine header):

rrouter (address, origaddr, A, plustail, domain) {
        local tmp tee didhostexpand priv nattr a
        # local seenuucp seenbitnet
        # seenuucp=false
        # seenbitnet=false
# echo "rrouter: address=$address, origaddr=$origaddr" >> /dev/tty

# we want to filter out tricks spammers may use (also what ORBS uses):
# "Spoofed local domain"        <sender@[x.x.x.x]>
# "Percent redirects"           <user%remote.domain@localhost>
# "Bangpath redirects"          <remote.domain!user@relayhost>
# "Colon pathing"               <@some.host,@localhost:user@remote.domain>

        tsift "$origaddr" in
        # "dotted quad spoof"
                return (((error bounce "$origaddr" $A))) ;;
        # "percent redirect"
                return (((error percent-redirect "$origaddr" $A))) ;;
        # "bangpath redirect"
                return (((error percent-redirect "$origaddr" $A))) ;;
        # "colon pathing"
                return (((error colon-pathing "$origaddr" $A))) ;;

# end of our no relay filter

Matti, any alternative (perhaps better) ways?

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