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Re: Spam problem

On Mon, Mar 03, 2036 at 06:47:08AM +0000, Edgardo Szulsztein wrote:
> Hi
> We have zmailer 2.99.51, with antispam rules. However, we can't send mail to
> several domains (they reject us), due to the inclusion of our domain in a "RSS
> list". We have received a report from www.abuse.net, where they show the
> antispam checks that they have done against our mail server. We rejected well
> 10 spam mails, but failed in accepting a mail with the destination: 
> RCPT TO:<"relaytest@abuse.net"@[]>
> How can we solve it? Do I have to reject addresses with more than one "@"?
> How could I do it?

  A QUICK block is to add following line to   smtp-policy.spam.manual:
  then it won't be received at all, but that isn't generic stopper.

  Does the message go thru ?  It should not, but I am not quite sure
  what it did back at 2.99.51..

  Even my current source accepts that, however it stops inside.
  Central to that stopping is folloing:

--- zmailer-2.99.51/proto/cf/canon.cf   Fri Jul  2 15:26:51 1999
+++ zmailer-2.99.52/proto/cf/canon.cf   Tue Jul 20 12:36:41 1999
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@
 canonicalize (address) {
-       address="$(dequote "$address")"
+       # address="$(dequote "$address")"
 # We need string ssift to detect '|' because '|' is not RFC822 special

  However it alone breaks a few other things.  Quoted strings
  are then not valid as local parts at all -- fix is to add explicite
  dequotes in a few places, but perhaps easier would be to pick
  2.99.52+patch1  (router and router scripts)

> Any help will be very appreciated.
> Thakns!
> Edgardo Szulsztein
> edgardos@netscape.net

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>