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Homemade smtpx-etrn route for dialup usage

Using ZMailer Server 2.99.52(-pre3? perhaps). Declared a homemade
smtpx-etrn route in scheduler.conf file like:

        command="smtp -s -x -c $channel -l ${LOGDIR}/smtp-etrn"

In routes file I setup the SMTP route like


Mail host MY.SUBDOMAIN.fi uses dialup connection. When the connection is
down, this ZMailer host tries to deliver an incoming message directly to
MY.SUBDOMAIN.fi mail host. Not succeeding due a broken link of course.
When the link is on, ETRN method works fine. MY.SUBDOMAIN.fi uses sendmail
8.9.3 and it queues outgoing mail fine and spools tha mail out with
'sendmail -q' trick when necessary.

Anyway, if I setup that dialup host to use dial on demand ISDN, schedule
outgoing mail events with crond and rely on inactivity timeout of the ISDN
link to disconnect from that parent ZMailer mail host, ZMailer keeps the
link active all the time, because it seems always to try deliver those new
incoming messages to MY.SUBDOMAIN.fi and the we start inactivity timeout
counting from the beginning. Perhaps the link is on all the time, if
incoming mail comes during every single inactivity timeout window.

So, how to stop ZMailer to deliver those smtpx-etrn routed mail
immediately and force it to 'queueonly' ?



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