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Re: Zmailer & SMTP help

On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 03:04:08PM -0800, Kulick, Aaron wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> The version I am running...2.99.52
> I would appreciate any help you may have with a particular problem(s), or
> more really questions I am having.   I successfully compiled and have run
> (am running) the server without problems, my questions deal particuliarly
> with smtp optimization.  I have read the documentation, but I am still
> confused.
> Please forgive me in advance, I am new to high intesity mailers and
> sincerely appreciate your patience and time in assisting me.
>     1) How to update scheduler.conf since MAILSHARE$/scheduler.conf says not
> to edit it, but the one in src/proto, but neither say how to update
> MAILSHARE$/scheduler.conf.

	The  INSTALL  document is outdated, I know..
	It doesn't mention things like   $MAILBIN/post-install.sh
	which is new in the system (but 'make install' does tell to
	use it in the end of its own run..)

	That warning is a result from autoconfig generating it
	during the configuration processing.  *AFTER* doing the
	'post-install', you can edit any files, and now latter
	updates will go to 'proto' subdirs, from which that
	'post-install' will update them into production locations,
	*unless* you have made changes.

	If you do chages, that fact is detected by means of using
	a MD5 sum of the file at the time it was at proto/ subdir,
	and if it matches with production location file, update can
	be done safely -- if not, a warning is raised about it.

	(Doing upgrade from pre "post-install" to "post-install" is
	 a thing to be done extremely carefully before -MD5 option
	 can be given..)

>     2) After looking at the scheduler.conf file I have discovered this:
> # Connections to the outside shouldn't duplicate effort so we only allow one
> # per destination.
> smtp/*
>         maxchannel=199
>         maxring=50
>         command="smtp -s" # -l ${LOGDIR}/smtp"
> My question then is, how do I create a duplicate/multiple effort?  I want to
> open more than one connection per destination and how do I control the
> number of connections per destination for a generic case and for a specific
> case.   For example, how would I set the number of simultaneous connections
> to say 5 for all cases (default) and say 10 for only hosts at .net.in?

	Multiple connections to *same* destination are possible as of
	2.99.52(p0), number of parallel processes per destination
	thread are controlled by   MaxTHR,  however do read at first
	the new boilerplate  scheduler.conf  initial comments.

>     3) Furthermore, any advice for general improvement of service (eg to do
> with routes, would it help to have one for the host
> somehost.somedomain.net.in which 90% of the traffic is going to)?

	Not necessarily.  If your DNS system is *bad*, then perhaps.
	(But you would have heaps of problems in that case anyway..)

	Static routes are a way to do things when you absolutely
	positively want to avoid DNS lookups.  And perhaps at least
	avoid MX lookups if your peer can be found listed at  /etc/hosts
	or some such source.

>     4) If I were to install zmail on the receiving end
> (somehost.somedomain.net.in) would I need to make changes to the above?

	If it is a dialup box, and you want to do delivery over the link
	only when the connection is on -- yes, then perhaps you want
	to construct static routes (smtpx) for default, etc..

> Again thank you for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Aaron D. Kulick
> Network Operations
> Navin.com, Inc.

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>