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Re: Homemade smtpx-etrn route for dialup usage

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 12:05:05PM +0200, Jussi Torhonen wrote:
> Using ZMailer Server 2.99.52(-pre3? perhaps). Declared a homemade
> smtpx-etrn route in scheduler.conf file like:
> Anyway, if I setup that dialup host to use dial on demand ISDN, schedule
> outgoing mail events with crond and rely on inactivity timeout of the ISDN
> link to disconnect from that parent ZMailer mail host, ZMailer keeps the
> link active all the time, because it seems always to try deliver those new
> incoming messages to MY.SUBDOMAIN.fi and the we start inactivity timeout
> counting from the beginning. Perhaps the link is on all the time, if
> incoming mail comes during every single inactivity timeout window.
> So, how to stop ZMailer to deliver those smtpx-etrn routed mail
> immediately and force it to 'queueonly' ?

	Hmm.. That is -- from 21-Sept-1999.

	I think I got that fixed at 2.99.52(patch1) by
	making sure that QUEUEONLY threads don't auto-start
	at the arrival of a new message, nor with processing
	thread inactivation.  (end of Dec-1999)

	You could consider adding parameter:
	then no idle TAs will be left behind for very long
	(idle cleaner runs every 20-40 seconds).

	That happened as a part of scheduler thread state
	*design*, and rework I did a month ago.
	(Older one was - I have to admit - just slapped
	 together and patched when it appeared to break.
	 Oh dear... experience and some thought did help
	 a lot at doing the design..)

	All in all, I wrote around 200 lines code, but
	removed there some 1200 lines for that thing to
	work properly.

> Regards,
> Jussi
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