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Zmailer & SMTP help

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The version I am running...2.99.52

I would appreciate any help you may have with a particular problem(s), or
more really questions I am having.   I successfully compiled and have run
(am running) the server without problems, my questions deal particuliarly
with smtp optimization.  I have read the documentation, but I am still

Please forgive me in advance, I am new to high intesity mailers and
sincerely appreciate your patience and time in assisting me.

    1) How to update scheduler.conf since MAILSHARE$/scheduler.conf says not
to edit it, but the one in src/proto, but neither say how to update

    2) After looking at the scheduler.conf file I have discovered this:

# Connections to the outside shouldn't duplicate effort so we only allow one
# per destination.
        command="smtp -s" # -l ${LOGDIR}/smtp"

My question then is, how do I create a duplicate/multiple effort?  I want to
open more than one connection per destination and how do I control the
number of connections per destination for a generic case and for a specific
case.   For example, how would I set the number of simultaneous connections
to say 5 for all cases (default) and say 10 for only hosts at .net.in?

    3) Furthermore, any advice for general improvement of service (eg to do
with routes, would it help to have one for the host
somehost.somedomain.net.in which 90% of the traffic is going to)?

    4) If I were to install zmail on the receiving end
(somehost.somedomain.net.in) would I need to make changes to the above?

Again thank you for your time.


Aaron D. Kulick
Network Operations
Navin.com, Inc.