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Re: diffrent behaviour of mailq, and some other stuff

Pewnego pięknego dnia 11-Nov-99 Matti Aarnio napisał(-a):
> On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 05:58:33PM -0000, Tomasz Bojakowski wrote:
>>         Hi.
>> After successful (at least) upgrading zmailer. I wanted to check my
>> mailq...
>> But when I've typed "mailq" command, I haven't recived anything (in
>> previous
>> version there was at least sth. like "Mailque is empty". 
>> Is this a bug or just normla behaviour ???
>   It should work, but your setup sounds rather strange.
>   Lately I have been trying to create interactive command channel
>   thru the mailq port, and that may, of course, have had some
>   unexpected side-effects.

Well, I've looked closer to mailq. And It wasn't checking the transpor queue.
Sound strange... however I've solved it form me in diffrent way... I had
somewhere old sources of 2.99.50s19 and I used mailq binary from it. Now it
works fine (shows the mailq, with correct comms.)

>> I noticed that this performs some strange log outputs for scheduler and
>> mailq
>> (In previous version of zmailer) when I was typing mailq it was checing it
>> correctly, but in scheduler.chroot log I was recinving error about "bind:
>> mailq port already in use" or sth. like that (now I've linked that log to
>> /dev/null couse I didn't want to recive thousend of thiss errors, and mailq
>> was woring fine). 
>   That sounds like you have *two* schedulers running.
>   That is likely also why 'mailq' yields strange results.
>       ... ah, so you say above.
>   ZMailer doesn't like to run multiple instances of the scheduler.
>   Main "problem" is that it desires to bind the TCP/174 port with
>   a wild-card host address.  Thus starting two processes causes
>   another one to complain about the situation.

Mhm.. I was thinking about the same thing. 
But would it be possible to check mailq in diffrent way (without using TCP/IP
port, and problems with binding it...)

>> So might it be couse by my conf,. (I mean why does mailq not "say" "Mailq
>> is
>> empty", when it is empty... it just does nothing now)
>> And another thing...
>> Few months ago I was trying to install zmailer on my sparc station (with
>> Solaris 2.6), It have compiled fine, however sth. gone wrong, and when it
>> had
>> turned on "PARAM  policydb   btree  /usr/local/zmailer/db/smtp-policy" in
>> smtpserver.con it wasn't woking (error about policy datapbes. can't
>> remember
>> it exactly) Howerver when I've turned it off it was working... but wasn't
>> sending any mails... and didn't deliver any mails to mailboxes after
>> reciving them...  
>      Likely 'btree' is something your system doesn't have.
>      What is your  zmailer.conf  (a.k.a. ZENV) variable DBTYPE ?
>      That one you should use also at  smtpserver.conf  file.

Hmm I realised about it just after writting that post... unfortunetly I've
removed sources and all stuff from solaris box, so can't check it now. :(

>> I wonder if it was coused (the problem with smtpolicy.db) by diffrent
>> databes
>> format (couse on solaris it's sth with .dir and .pak as I remember) or by
>> sth.
>> else ? And why it didn't deliverd any messages.
>> Ok, last thing...
>> [root@devil|/usr/local/src/zmailer]# make install
>> make: don't know how to make smtpserver.auth. Stop
>> *** Error code 2
>      Oops.  Wrong thing at  proto/Makefile.in  PMAILSHARE=
>      variable.  Should have been  'scheduler.auth', not
>      'smtpserver.auth'.

Ok, I've corrected that :)

thnx for explanation of few things... now I'm goint to look closer of smtp-auth
and SSL stuff...

        Tomasz Bojakowski

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