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Re: router alias expansion problem - upgrading from 2.99.48 to 2.99.51

On 3 Nov 1999, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
> Alvin Starr <alvin@iplink.net>
> > I also had the same problem for a while. I just got it to go away by
> > installing the latest version of Zmailer.
> Sorry, I was unclear.
> The "open relay" problem went away when I upgraded.  The "ORBS
> won't take me out of the list" problem did not go away.

This is a very serious problem. ORBS has been a good spamblock
mechanism for a mailing list server, but if problems like these
surface it will be unacceptable to continue using ORBS :(

I hope that the ORBS people will be able to solve this problem
somehow and continue doing the great work they've done over the


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