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Re: ESMTP header (Hdr220)

Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
> 	Nowhere in these is a note telling that one should do
> 	EHLO protocol only when word "ESMTP" is present in the
> 	initial greeting message.

Certainly.  But 'send EHLO instead of HELO' in the RFC is a should,
not a must, so a client -can- send HELO in any given connection if it
really wants to.  Also, the RFC implies that EHLO-capable clients may
reasonably use HELO in at least one case (RFC 1425/1651/1869, end of
section 4.2).

> 	From somewhere I seem to recall that one should *not*
> 	do that "ESMTP" analysis.

Try to keep 'de facto standards' from growing up by not conforming, or
improving zmailer's interoperation with this stupid-but-legal quirk?

Difficult choice.