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Re: "Sender:" rewriting (again)


> [...]
>        Also, because (myself included) login username is often
>        *not* the email address you want to show out, even in
>        the comment headers like 'Sender:', I haven't included
>        that part of your multi-address-MSA-smtpserver patches
>        into the baseline.
> [...]

I expected that :) The new version of my script (rauth-0.60.tar.gz)
allows the email address supplied during user authentication to be
re-mapped into a real login username. The script and "Sender:"
rewriting mechanism you don't like solve my problem. Moreover, one
can hide the user's login name.

The authentication script and private authentication mechanism for
zmailer 2.99.52 (pipeauth-0.60.tar.gz) are attached to my message.

Consider the integration of pipeauth into zmailer, if possible.
This mechanism can be triggered by a new parameter in
smtpserver.conf. I'm still looking for a way the baseline zmailer
would fit my needs.

Artur Urbanowicz