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Problem adding whoson support


We have a Red Hat 6.0 Linux box, in which zmailer-2.99.51 is running.
We have set policies rules so that only our local machines can send mail with
no source or target verification (thay have: fulltrustnet +  in the
smtp-policy.relay file). 

Now we are trying to include whoson support, so that our users can send mail
from outside. We have done the folling steps to include whoson support in

_ We installed whoson
_ To test this package, we run: wtest login admin2
   Then, after introducing: wtest query, we get:
   rc=0, info="admin2"
_ To recompile zmailer:
  ./configure -prefix=/usr/local/zmailer --with-whoson=/usr/local/lib
   make install-bin
_ We reassure that the SMTPOPTIONS variable has the "-w" flag in the
/etc/zmailer.conf file.
_ We added the line:
  []/0 trust-whoson +
  to the smtp-policy.relay file. Then run policy-builder.sh.
_ We did a wtest login A.B.C.D admin2 (A.B.C.D is an external IP), run whosond
in debug and foreground mode (though whosond -d -v -I /etc/whoson.conf), and
restarted zmailer.
_ From the host A.B.C.D we try to send a mail to test@yahoo.com, and we get
the error message: 553 5.7.1 Policy rejection on the target address

However, when zmailer established the requesting connection with A.B.C.D, we
saw that whosond responded to zmailer request with:

select maxfd+1=5 tv_sec=600 tv_usec=0
Got: "QUERY A.B.C.D"
verb="QUERY" arg1="A.B.C.D" arg2=""
returning: "+admin2"
tcp_read_evproc returns fd=4 evproc=0x804a8c8

Then, our problem is that in spite of the fact that we recompiled zmailer to
include whoson support (and in fact we saw that zmailer ask whosond in each
incoming connection), the whoson support doesn't work, and our users can't
send mails though our zmailer server from outside.

Thanks in advance!

Edgardo Szulsztein

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