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Re: Zmailer 2.99.50s10

> 	Hi!
> 	Now I have installed Zmailer-2.99.50s10 on my FreeBSD-3.0 box.  I found
> some small bugs in this distribution while compiling & installing it. 
> Well, may be some of them already known for you.
> 	1. libc/strerror.c doesn't compile:
> 	Including "zmsignal.h" resolve this problem.

	You did mean   libc/strsignal.c,  didn't you ?  At least 
	the log reported it.  I added that include.

> 	2. "make install" doesn't work properly in `proto' directory.  I think
> that all make target must be formed as
> because in this case variables from $(PZCONFIG) doesn't exported

	I wonder...   Those need not *export*, just be passed on
	within the /bin/sh (like) shell's local variables.

> 	3. After install $MAILBIN/newdb doesn't work because I have my `true' 
> programm in /usr/bin not in /bin

	Ok, autoconfig shall locate the location of 'true' ...

> --
> 	CU, Victor Gamov

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>