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Re: What is this ?

> Oct 30 19:12:52 linstar smtp[14195]: S.qCRAq113397:
>   to=<eldamir@zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl>, delay=03:18:06, xdelay=00:34:46,
>   mailer=smtp, relay=zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl
>   ([|25||2401]), stat=deferred smtp; 500 (let_buffer
>                                                                   ^^^^^^^^^^
>   write timeout!  DATA 518/1105234 [0%])
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> What is this ?

  It is telling that for some reason a largeish amount of data is being
written to a socket, but that socket write fails when the connection to
the destination can't carry larger frames -- for example there is a slip
link with mismatching MTU values.   

Try to ping that destination with packet sizes of 100/700/1500 byte packets,
and you should see if there is a network problem in there.

The message text itself is 'somewhat' technical, and looking at it
I see that the report is suspicuous, even...    It does marginally
tell that the message headers were written, but not yet anything
about how much of the msg body data was written.

I have to play with it a bit.

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