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Re: No MX, no address: ???

> 	I hava one problem. I removed my domain from localnames (for a
> while) for testing ;) Later I put it back do localnames but still:
> Oct 29 19:12:55 linstar smtp[15202]: S.qC8u6113517:
> to=<junior@zsz2.starachowice.pl>, delay=00:06:55, xdelay=00:00:00,
> mailer=smtp, stat=retryat +60 smtp; 500 (nameserver data inconsistency. No
> MX, no address: 'zsz2.starachowice.pl', errno=Success, gai_errno='name or
> service is not known')

The chain of events:
	- localnames database didn't have this local name
	- a message was sent thru the router, and it didn't
	  notice the message to be for local
	- that message goes to scheduler
	- localnames database is modified, but it does not
	  affect files already routed

> host -t MX zsz2.starachowice.pl
> zsz2.starachowice.pl mail is handled (pri=10) by linstar.zsz2.starachowice.pl
> Any sugestions ?

	Shut down the scheduler, edit the scheduler file, and change
	the	'smtp zsz2.starachowice.pl .....' to be:
		'smtp [] ....'
	then restart the scheduler.

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