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Re: All local ends up in bitbucket

> Hi,
> I have recently upgraded from 2.99.49p3 to 2.99.50s10.
> Everything work okay except local mail delivery:

	To know what *really* is going on, execute these tests
	*after* you have issued 'rtrace' command.
	The trace output to the screen is large, but not monsterous
	(like 'trace all' would yield -- regex execution trace blows
	 things out of water, so to speak..)

	This is especially important to figure out what goes on with
	the local loop re-invocation trap.

> Is the correct fix to simply comment this line out?

	Maybe, maybe not..

> FYI - I'm not using any ~/.forward files.  No mboxmap file.  Nothing in the
>       $MAILVAR/lists dir.

	It should not matter.

> Thanks
> Darryl

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>