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All local ends up in bitbucket


I have recently upgraded from 2.99.49p3 to 2.99.50s10.

Everything work okay except local mail delivery:

$ sendmail -bt
ZMailer router (2.99.50-s10 #1: Tue Oct 13 00:04:12 BST 1998)
Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
Copyright 1992-1998 Matti Aarnio
Configured with command: './configure  --prefix=/usr'

z$ router root
<dlm.interactive@odin.g7led.ampr.org>: address: root
(((bitbucket root1 root g0)))
z$ router dlm
<dlm.interactive@odin.g7led.ampr.org>: address: dlm
(((bitbucket dlm1 dlm g1)))

This used to say:

z# router root
<.interactive@odin.g7led.ampr.org>: address: root
(((local root root default_attributes)))

The offending line appears to be in /var/lib/zmailer/cf/aliases.cf line 182:

        [ -n "$didexpand" ] &&
        case "$didexpand" in
        user)   # Looping thru  .forward  will cause us to call back
                # into here :-(
                # Sigh, the easiest way to handle duplicate invokations
                # in here is to yield "bitbucket".  In theory we could
                # yield (), but the router dislikes it.  (Must teach
                # it for good manners..)
		return (((bitbucket "$(host $quad)1" "$(user $quad)" $(attributes $quad))))

Is the correct fix to simply comment this line out?

FYI - I'm not using any ~/.forward files.  No mboxmap file.  Nothing in the
      $MAILVAR/lists dir.