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ETRN delivery question


I am using ZMailer Server 2.99.49p9 and i have configured ETRN service for
one of my customers and it works fine, BUT i have one question: how can i
stop ZMailer from trying to send mail to my customer's domain instantly?
we all know it's pointless, since ETRN works thru dialup connection.

For now i have a zillion lines like this one all the time:

Oct 17 11:30:01 relay-mx1 smtp[228]: S.q7y0G29808: o=<joe@contact.com.pe>,
delay=11:19:03, xdelay=00:01:17, mailer=smtp, relay=contact.com.pe 
([]), stat=retryat +60 smtp; 500 (connect to contact.com.pe 
[]: Operation timed out)


Enrique Vadillo-
RCP - Internet Peru 
Fax: +51 1 241-1320
Web Site: http://www.rcp.net.pe (PERU)
Mirror Web Site: http://ekeko.rcp.net.pe (USA)