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Re: From s5 to s10

> Tried to update a Zmailer -s5 site up to the latest -s10. No success.
> A couple of months ago tried to update it from -s5 to -s8. No success.
> They get incoming mail but doesn't deliver (no local, no relay, no smtp) 
> it at all. When putting back -s5, all that received mail will be
> delivered.

	I should have realized the problem you had already when you
	brought it up the first time, but as I keep forgetting what
	status of things has been at the time of the snapshots,
	it puzzled me back then... (and then I forgot..)

> Perhaps me or 'make install' is missing something. Perhaps -s10 worked if
> making a clean install, not a update. Perhaps some .conf or db/.cf file
> has changed.

	Have you noticed this file ?


	Of which I try to have a habit of updating so that when
	things change somewhere, you could know about it.

	The router *must* have up to date language of scripts.
	Specifically here the 'setf' verb in the language caused
	lots of N^2 kind of memory consumption problems at list
	expansions, and replacing the uses of 'setf' with specific
	verbs doing appends/replaces into lists without creating
	copies of data and storing it into dynamic variable chains
	of temporary heap space.

	Another thing may have been removal of old 'sift' verb,
	which for quite a while has had two alternate functions:
		ssift  tsift
	the 'sift' is/was alias of 'tsift'.

> Also noticed -s8 nor -s10 doesn't put anything to /var/log/maillog but -s5
> does. syslogd is sure working and configured correctly. /etc/zmailer.conf

	The syslog gets only successfull routing results, no other status
	reports, should it ??  How about the info at  $MAILLOG/router  file ?

	The INSTALL script prescribes testing by running router in
	interactive mode.  Doing that *should* be obvious for upgrades
	as well as for clean installs, but perhaps it isn't ?

		$MAILBIN/router -i

	What should I put into the documentation about it ?

> Using RedHat Linux 5.1, compiled ZMailer with egcs and gcc.

	My own workstation is a mixture of RH 'manhattan' and 'rawhide'
	series -- and an Alpha, at that.  (5.1 and 5.2 development
	in layman terms..)

> Jussi
> -- 
> Jussi Torhonen   / Internet:            jussi.torhonen@tietosavo.fi

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>