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Re: From s5 to s10

On Sun, 11 Oct 1998 mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:

> 	Have you noticed this file ?

Noticed but not read :(

> 	The router *must* have up to date language of scripts.

Thanks. So 'make install' doesn't copy new cf/* files into /opt/mail/cf.
Just made it manually copying them from src/proto/cf. Now -s10 runs fine
in here.

Is there some problem in Makefile or is this just to be sure not to delete
working config files ? Anyway path to upgrade is not very easy. Ok, I
didn't read that document. Perhaps it tells why.

> 	The syslog gets only successfull routing results, no other status
> 	reports, should it ??  How about the info at  $MAILLOG/router  file ?

Yes, ZMailer didn't route anything so syslogd didn't have anything to put
into the log.



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