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From s5 to s10

Tried to update a Zmailer -s5 site up to the latest -s10. No success.
A couple of months ago tried to update it from -s5 to -s8. No success.
They get incoming mail but doesn't deliver (no local, no relay, no smtp) 
it at all. When putting back -s5, all that received mail will be

Perhaps me or 'make install' is missing something. Perhaps -s10 worked if
making a clean install, not a update. Perhaps some .conf or db/.cf file
has changed.

Also noticed -s8 nor -s10 doesn't put anything to /var/log/maillog but -s5
does. syslogd is sure working and configured correctly. /etc/zmailer.conf

Using RedHat Linux 5.1, compiled ZMailer with egcs and gcc.



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