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Re: How to force 8-bit mail transfer?

> The tab in the headers is turned off by compiling (the router) after
> configuring with the option --without-rfc822-tabs, or you can patch
> an already built router (with adb, for example) to set the global
> variable "wanttabs" to 0
> 					\nick

Yes, but it seems not to be efficient in all cases.

I think there should be a ZENV variable for this mode, and
the  transports/libta/writeheaders.c  should follow it to turn
possible TABs into SPACEs.

With such converted in place -- perhaps controlled by a ZENV
variable, or perhaps a runtime option to the transport agent,
which in turn passes that as a parameter (or a global within
that source module) to the header writer -- would render the
current "--without-rfc822-tabs" superfluous, or very least
change it to set/clear a ZENV variable.
(And the router could use TAB all the time.)

Adding that code is pretty trivial, I think.  Listing its usage
and effects in all of the documents is a lot more sweaty work...

How you would like to have it, or does somebody have spare cycle
to spend at the effort ?  (always push the task to somebody else.. ;)

/Matti Aarnio