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PostOffice delivery reports


We are running zmailer with a few hundred domains. We are using
localnames and fqdnaliases and it almost works ok.
It seems like postoffice doesn't care about domain of
sender. Automatically generated delivery reports are sent to local mailbox
of user whose name is identical to user part of senders address.
Here's an example:
-suppose our server has 2 domains in localnames: supermedia.pl and s-m.net
-suppose there are 2 e-mails: john@supermedia.pl (mailbox: john) and
john@s-m.net which is fqdnalias for mailbox s-m.john
When john@s-m.net sends an e-mail to address which doesn't exist he should
receive from PostOffice <postmaster@supermedia.pl> delivery report on his
e-mail. But the report is sent to local mailbox john, not to the user
So user john@supermedia.pl receives strange for him email about problem
delivering mail which he hasn't sent. It can be really annoying.

Is there something we can do about it in zmailer's configuration?


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