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stupid MX question

sorry to bother everyone.

I have hit an anomaly which I am almost sure it is a config problem,
but I can't quite figure out what it is that I forgot to do. ZMailer
seems to ignore the MX records and always send to the destination's
IP address (even if an MX 0 record overrides it).

(But in case there really is something wrong, it is a 2.99.50s8
compiled on a Corel NetWinder (Linux 2.0.31, libc6, sa-110 cpu,
gcc 2.8.1).  The NetWinder environment is not very stable yet, so
it could be a compiler or other problem that has nothing to do with

For example, the normal case looks like this:

acli@ada:~[562]$ /software/zmailer/servers/ta/smtp -D -s -v -v interlog.com
Trying mailhub.interlog.com [|25] ... connected!

But in the anomalous case is looks like this:

root@twombly:~[1974]# /software/zmailer/bin/ta/smtp -v -D -s interlog.com
Trying gold.interlog.com [|25] ... smtp; 500 (connect to gold.interlog.com [|25]: Connection refused)

Sorry again.